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In Memory

Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin

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04/23/12 10:01 PM #1    

Rick Scriven

Mark and I were friends at Christ the King School. He had a nick-name that he loved...Macky Moose. He used to pronounce it in a funny way. We ate lunch in our classroom and for some reason we were never supervised. Mark and I would get pretty rowdy at times. He prided himself on how well he could stomp on a milk carton and make it explode. So... once I gave him a full carton to stomp on but he didn't know it was full. Milk went everywhere! I still laugh about that. At the time he didn't think it was very funny. He threw an orange at me and pummeled me in the back of the head. I am so sorry that he is not with us. He was a great guy and I would have loved to talk with him at this reunion. My condolances to his family.

05/29/12 10:23 PM #2    

James Price

Mark and I were also classmates at Christ the King.  There was a group of us that played CYO softball during the summer.  Mark was our shortstop and covered my a** at 3rd base.  We had some very good times traveling around to play softball.

I also had the dubious pleasure of spending some time with Mark in a King County Sherriff’s holding cell @ their Fircrest office.  Mark and I were employed at Kebo's Restaurant (145th & Aurora) summer after we graduated.  After work one night, we were invited to a house in Lake Forest Park for a party.  Mark was very resourceful in obtaining beverages (as in fake ID)...we were cruising up 15th NE and apparently, Mark's car was a familiar sight and topic with the King County Sherriff's Office and as you can guess, we were pulled over for a "loud" muffler.  No place to hide the beverages and there they were in plain sight.  Mark took the rap for the MIP, which saved my bacon as I was already enlisted in the Air Force but had not yet reported for basic training. 

I was caught by surprise when I saw the news reports of the Metro Bus plunging off the Aurora Bridge and learned that Mark was the driver who had been shot & killed by an deranged bus passenger. 

I still fondly recall all of our adventures during grade school and high school. He will be missed.

07/14/12 07:42 PM #3    

Teresa Tosland (Sharpe)

i also went to Christ the King with Mark. When we had any school event even lining up from recess, we lined up according to heighth. Mark was always next to me much to my horror as I was alway the tallest girl in class. When I heard the news about the bus driver that got killed, I told my husband," I went to school with him". He said there were lots of Mark McLaughlins. I knew it was him and it was...sadly

God bless you Mark. I am sure you are with our Lord..


07/17/12 08:34 PM #4    

Dena Schwartzenberger (Adkins Conley)

I knew Mark from Christ the King.  I often told the story over the years how in 2nd grade he had a crush on me and brought a beautiful ring to school one day and gave it to me.  I thought it was pretty but didn't say anything to my Mom about it but later that night she got a call from Mark's Mom asking if I Mark had given me his Grandmother's ring and if so could they please have it back!  I got in trouble for having it but I never did know why it was my fault.  I'm sure Mark had no idea at age 7 the difference between something pretty and something valuable either.

I really wanted to go to his funeral but felt like I shouldn't since I didn't really know him well aside from being a classmate for so many years.  I hope his family is doing OK since they lost him so tragically.  My heart goes out to them.

01/25/15 02:29 AM #5    

Jerry Kraft

I have waited a long time to write anything on this particular situation but thought that I should say something. Along with everyone else I knew Mark from Christ The King Elementary school. What a time that was. I remember one time when Tom Peterson , myself and Greg Reynolds were throwing erasers in class while Sister Isadore was out of the room.  7th grade I think. Anyway she returned and caught us throwing the erasers and or suspected we were goofing off. She lined the 3 of us up against these folding doors that were I guess pretty solid and banged our heads against them until we basicly started crying and felt like pure pity. She then after that ushered what was left of us outside and made us stand in the outside hallway for the other kids to view our disheveled and  embarressed  selves. Pretty much humiliated beyond belief.Mark was there and and so where all my friends that eventually went to,Ingraham. I used to hang out with him at his house in Brodview which was closer to the water than ours as we lived on a busy street 3 rd NW.  I was lucky to have friends in Elford Lane/Drive  etc, Brad Hofer and Kurt Chambers so I could visit kids that lived in serene areas. !  Mark was funny and he did like exploding the milk cartons. I tell people the story of his untimely demise with the bus incident and they think it is some story from TV. But truth is stranger than fiction I do believe. Living in Texas has taught me that. Very strange place.  Bless his soul, and I thank him ffor making my life fun and enjoyable as he was a good guy and I enjoyed spending time with him as kids. RIP Mark. You were the best. 

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