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In Memory

Wes Walloch

Wes Walloch

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09/01/12 03:32 PM #1    

Becky Cyr (Gwaltney)

What I remember most about Wes was his shyness, smile and his red Mustang. I actual babysat for his two nephews during high school. Was very sad to hear of his passing.

09/08/12 12:07 AM #2    

Dena Schwartzenberger (Adkins Conley)

I was in several classes with Wes, I especially remember our Annual Staff class.  He was kind and sweet and who wouldn't have a crush on him?  I didn't know he had passed away.  I'm sad to hear that.

09/14/12 01:55 PM #3    

Kathleen Edwards (Hoff)

Like Dena,  mostly knew Wes from Annual Staff and Mrs.Sawyer.   Wes was painfully shy.  There was more to Wes than met the eye.  People instantly saw almost perfection in his physical appearance.  He was seriously handsome.  He was also kind and dependable.  I saw him at QFC just before he died and am glad I did. Wes was a real good guy.

09/15/12 10:45 AM #4    

Jerry Kraft

Remembering back someone took a picture of Kerry Dolan, Wes and myself walking from the portables together back to the main campus. I also remember gym class and football. It is a big loss to see people go. He was the guy that had the strength,good looks and all the rest. He had some real talent . In memory Jerry Kraft

09/22/12 05:39 PM #5    

Mary Webber (Hill)

I had a serious crush on Wes in  junior high.  I know I wasn't alone.   We only had one class together the whole time.  I sat in the row next to the windows and he sat way across the room in the row next to the interior wall.   Just my luck the class wasn't seated alphabetically.  Junior high crushes can be pretty intense so instead of paying attention to the teacher, I spent most of the hour hoping that Wes  would pick up on at least one of the many messages I was sending his way via mental telepathy.  Bah - I thought he never did.  But after reading the other comments shared about his shyness.........., well perhaps he actually had.  I remember those golden moments when passing him in the hall he would give me a little wave.    Within our group we had a code name for Wes based on the first and last initials of his name - W2  (or W - squared).  He struck me then as a sensitive and gentle spirit and obviously for those who had the honor of truly knowing him, he was. Rest in Peace, W2! 

11/24/12 11:33 PM #6    

Thomas Lundy

I grew up with Wes, we lived in the same neighborhood,  we were in cub scouts together. Unfortunately, I lost touch with him after high school. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. His passing is a great loss and he will be missed.  

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